Bionic Solution

We ignite growth revolutions
The world is changing faster than ever before, and the pace of disruption continues to accelerate. To keep up—and grow—businesses must build for where the world is going, not for where it’s been.
Bionic is a collective of radical outsiders who have founded and scaled companies, in all sectors and around the world. We’re entrepreneurs, investors, futurists, and makers, and together, we ignite growth within large companies.
Enterprises are skilled at making big businesses 
even bigger. Entrepreneurs and early-stage investors, on the other hand, are skilled at discovering new opportunities and turning them into
 big businesses.
We believe that growth revolutions start with unlocking the creativity and potential of people. With a clear sense of purpose and the right tools, those who power the world’s greatest companies can discover and transform the future, at scale.
What We Do
The Growth Operating System is an integrated way of building New to Big that combines the mindsets, mechanics, and tools of:
Validation Based Entrepreneurship
Including lean startup experiments, business model canvas, and design thinking
Venture Capital Investing
Portfolio of bets targeting a growth opportunity area with investment staged across rounds of growth
Startup Incubation
Resources, processes, and capabilities of building at the speed and cost of startups
Human Systems for "Intrapreneurship"
Training, evaluating, and compensating entrepreneurship as a career path inside enterprise
Ambidextrous Leadership
Executive coaching that develops leaders to be creators and early-stage investors, as well as best-in-class operators
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