How It Works

We partner with enterprises to install the Growth OS and to build a permanent capability for discovering and building new businesses.
Our engagements typically begin with a pilot (6-9 months) where we:
1-2 new opportunity areas (OAs) for growth
at least one new startup in each OA through a Series A funding round
Install a Growth Board
where executive leaders serve as internal venture capitalists (VCs) setting growth goals, selecting opportunity area portfolios, and making funding decisions
Conduct a Diagnostic
of the organizational capabilities and building a “go fast” team that creates work-arounds in key functions (such as finance, marketing, HR, legal, etc.), thereby unleashing startup teams to conduct fast, cheap experiments
Identify Talent
interested in and best suited for internal entrepreneurship
This is the beginning of a partnership

The pilot is the first year in a 3-4 year journey. Our role changes over time to become less of the driver and more of a coach, as our partners install more of these capabilities internally, but each partnership is tailored to the needs of the enterprise. Partners who have "graduated" from working with us are always part of our growth ecosystem and have ongoing access to advisory services, networking and learnings.

"Encouraging teams to fall in love with consumer problems and encouraging leaders to think like venture capitalists has taken P&G back to its deeply entrepreneurial roots. It is transforming the way we innovate at P&G."
-- Kathy Fish, Chief Research, Development and Innovation Officer, Procter & Gamble
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