What We Do

Bionic enables your team’s ability to adapt and build resilience with the mindsets, methods, and systems needed to learn, launch, lead, and deliver growth.
Growth Capability

Embed a new, permanent growth capability—mindsets, systems, skills—within your enterprise. Unlock your talent to win the future.

Vanessa Colella

Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Citi Ventures

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A Mindset Shift

In terms of groundwork, the Bionic team was extremely helpful in framing the challenges of building new businesses while operating at the scale we do at Citi. A fair share of that groundwork was a mindset shift; framing the different orientation that’s required when you’re exploring a brand-new idea versus when you’re managing a business at scale. That was extraordinarily valuable to us in Citi Ventures and to our colleagues and leaders across the bank.


Discover, test, build, and launch new solutions. We can build with you or for you, depending on your goals. Start small to go big.

Eric Freitag

Head of Bionic Labs
(Previously with R/GA, Smart Design, Frog Design, and Razorfish)

Anchored in Solutions

Whether taking over projects that have been orphaned inside the enterprise, competing with a successful startup model as an extreme follower, or supporting serial entrepreneurs disrupting our partners’ industries, our startup studio builds companies anchored in solutions that will drive the next growth phase for the enterprise.


Deploy early-stage venture capital in newly-discovered opportunity areas where we identify, invest, and manage your growth portfolio.

Rene Paula

Operating Partner, Bionic Ventures
(Previously with ZX Ventures /
Anheuser-Busch Inbev)

Capturing Exponential Growth

Growth through venture capital and M&A is about being right and on time. Corporate venture capital is a strategic tool that provides proprietary insights and market signals that feed the M&A pipeline. Learnings from investments lead to early, high-conviction acquisitions, which capture exponential growth at a fraction of the cost of later-stage acquisitions.

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